You never forget a service interval nor when it’s time for maintenance, but you can’t seem to remember a birthday or anniversary AND, as you get older, what day, week, month or year it is —
You are meticulous in preparing all your riding gear, laid out the night before.
You have meticulously detailed your route in your head, timing of and on the route, your stops and nothing is going to persuade you otherwise.
You have realized your partner wether he or she is not number ONE anymore.
You have throttle dreams.
You use riding as therapy, a meditation and escape.
You display motorcycle paraphernalia.
You use motorcycle bags for luggage even if you’re traveling by motor vehicle.
After a ride, you pull up a chair in the garage next to your bike, pour a drink, and maybe light a cigarette, a cigar, or pipe, just to prolong your quality time together.
You feel that in some way, at least in part, motorcycles have saved your life.
You never feel lonely, there is always something to do on your bike.
You wish you could park your bike in the bedroom and look at it as you dose of to sleep and most of all waking up to that nice shiny object in front of you. “OH WHAT A DREAM “.
~The Bike Addict